About R.S.S Ltd. 

R.S.S.Ltd is a training company set up and run by Company owner and Chief Trainer Mr Paul Keates a Manager within the Safety and Security industry with over 30 years’ experience. R.S.S.Ltd was set up in 2011 specialising in training within the Hospitality, Health care sector, Education, Security and Travel Industry’s. Working alongside some of the country’s leading experts in their own field R.S.S.Ltd are associate members and registered training centres for Industry Qualifications, the National Federation for Personal Safety, Qualsafe Awardes and a member of the Security Institute and an Honary member of the Institute of Hotel Security Management.

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Conflict Management and Breakaway.

To whom it may concern:

Having recently enrolled the Training Services of Mr Keates's Company (RSS Ltd), to assist our Company Awareness Strategy in relation to "Self Protection" in Conflict situations,

a Training plan was introduced which has already received positive and complimentary feedback from all attendees.

As with all large Companies, our Staff's perception and evaluation both during and after Training, is an important factor in ensuring that the delivery of such a "Complex" subject is understood and more importantly achievable.

Mr Keates ensures that the Subject is clearly defined and more importantly delivered to all attendees with definitive ease and understanding.


Kind Regards,


Robert Stanbridge MSyl (Cert)

Head of Security Glh.





To Whom it may concern:

At Edwardian Hotels London we are acutely aware of the challenging circumstances that those who chose to work within hospitality face on a daily basis.  A blend of service excellence, an increasingly demanding need to meet customer expectations and of course regrettable moments of high risk presented by a minority group that resort to severe aggression, sometimes violence.

Since 2007 EHL had delivered an in-house Conflict Management course to both raise awareness of work place violence and equip our team members with skills to help see them through some difficult moments.  This served us well for several years, when in 2016 we felt it needed some refreshment.  We were finding it very time consuming to maintain specialist trainer skills and knowledge, keeping training content and techniques current.


We decided to invite an external specialist training body to help support us, it is of paramount importance for us ensure we could fully support our colleagues.  We turned to RSS Ltd and their Conflict Management and Breakaway training courses.  A number of my colleagues within the hotel safety & security community were already engaged with RSS delivering a variety of training solutions.  The course for us at least offers a perfect fit for our business, and is agile enough to offer to our employees across the business irrespective of their specific role, department or experience.  We have been delivering at least 6 courses each year since 2016, over this time we have pretty much had a 100% positive feedback from all attendees.  Much of the reason for this is the integrity of the course and its delivery by Paul Keates.  Paul has an extensive and deep understanding of hospitality and hotel operations specifically given his many years of experience in our industry.  EHL invite around 50 graduates a year on to our management training program, they too have a specific training sessions delivered by Paul as part of our graduate induction program.  Two of our 2018 graduates comment on the course below:


“The Course is interesting throughout, it is engaging, visual and with good theoretical sources to back up points.  The physical aspects are very educational, amazing session, loved that it was not just sitting and theory”.

“Good training course, useful tools to be applied at work and everyday life”


Darren Carter (CPP MSyI F.ISRM)

Head of Group Security

Edwardian Hotels London.

Positive Handling.

To Whom it may concern:

We have been using R.S.S. Ltd’s training services for a number of years now and are extremely happy with the quality of the training, as well as the competitive price.  Paul is extremely knowledgeable and delivers clear and informative training, which is driven by his enthusiasm for both people’s learning and the topic he is presenting.


Paul is very friendly, fair, approachable and supportive.  He will always provide assistance whenever queries may arise, in an area he’s delivered training and is always flexible in meeting the training needs of our company. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Allie Phipps

H.R Manager

Era Care, Sawbridgeworth.

To Whom it may concern:

‘As an alternative provision provider we were looking for a positive handling training establishment that used a school of thought that matched the needs of our school.

We have now used the expertise of RSS Ltd for the past three years who we found through recommendation by NABSM. The trainers that Paul has provided have subsequently provided a comprehensive balance of theory and practical session. The sessions provide a forum for dialogue to discuss situations that arise in school for school and the trainers have provided guidance on how to best tackle such situations, demonstrating if required safe handling by the trainers. Staff feedback has been positive, training is fun and come away feeling confident.


Paul has provided all paperwork in a timely and professional manner. All trainers are DBS checked, Paul has suitable liability insurance and provides a contract pack with all details including risk assessment, medical information and the programme itself. He has worked with the SBM of the school to address matters as they have arisen without delay.  We would highly recommend this service’

Sukhi Cooper

School Business Manager  

Data and Exams Manager

The Jubilee Academy

First Aid.

To Whom it may concern:

RSS LTD is the company of my choice when it is coming to the aspect of training.

The detailed, personalised and most importantly genuine and competent approach towards the course delivery, whereby it is interesting and interactive is always a successful modus operandi of any company; specifically involved in training programs and this is something that RSS ltd has perfected and successfully transferred onto the clients.

I will always come back to RSS ltd when my company or I require training!

Tim Levitan (CPP, GradIosh)

Director of Security and Safety

The Standard, London